EXA AG Renames PCF to PEF:

Expanding the Scope of Environmental Footprint Management

Heidelberg, June 6, 2023 – EXA AG, a leading provider of software solutions and services for financial transformation and overall sustainable global value chain management, is excited to announce the renaming of one of its flagship software solutions, Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), to Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). This name change reflects our commitment to offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond tracking CO2 emissions.

Initially, PCF was focused on tracking CO2 values along value chains, primarily targeting multinational enterprises (MNEs). However, environmental footprints encompass more than just CO2. PEF represents the holistic nature of our software, demonstrating our ability to track, map, and manage various emissions and their environmental impacts. This rebranding aligns with our commitment to providing our customers with a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

“Our decision to rename PCF to PEF is driven by our desire to accurately reflect the capabilities and goals of our software solution,” said Steffen Köck Vice President at EXA AG. “PEF considers all emissions, including CO2, allowing our customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their environmental impact and make informed decisions towards sustainability.”

The transition from PCF to PEF will be seamless, with no disruption to workflow or access to essential features. We believe this name change will better serve our customers in their sustainability initiatives and provide them with an expanded range of possibilities.

For more information about EXA software solutions and the newly renamed PEF software solution, please visit our website.

Steffen Köck
Vice President Consulting EXA AG

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