EXA AG reveals its new corporate design:

plain, clear, and with new colors – dedicated to a sustainable business lifestyle and strong business relationship together with SNP!

Heidelberg, June 6, 2023 – EXA AG, a leading provider of software solutions and services for financial transformation and comprehensive, sustainable global value chain management, is pleased to announce the transition to its new corporate design.

EXA is always striving to move with the times, especially when it comes to providing customers with the best possible support for their business with EXA’s modern and comprehensive solutions Global Value Chain (GVC), Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

“Our decision to modernize our corporate design and associated look and feel is driven by a desire to reflect our modern mindset, keep up with the times and, most importantly, show our affiliation with our parent company SNP SE,” said Divya Vir Rastogi, CEO of EXA AG. “At EXA, we identify in particular with the principle of sustainability, on which our new corporate design is based. This principle is what we put into practice in the company, what we incorporate into our product and service portfolio, and what we therefore also want to communicate comprehensively to the public.”

For more information about EXA, please visit our new website.

T: +49 6221 67921-0

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