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How to Integrate Your TP Policies with Intercompany Agreements in SAP ERP and S/4HANA

Avoid Unnecessary TP Adjustments, Fines and Penalties by Connecting your Intercompany Contracts with ERP data and Operational TP processes from Monitoring to Price-Setting and Adjustments at Year-End

A Practical Webinar Focussing on Transactions involving Tangible Goods

Date: Wednesday, 6th February 2024, 16:00 CET

If the implementation of your TP policies is not aligned with and supported by appropriate Intercompany Agreements, your group is exposed to unnecessary risks. This complimentary session explains the standards which Intercompany Agreements need to meet, and shows how you can leverage EXA’s leading SAP-certified Add-on software to integrate legal agreements with TP compliance processes.

The webinar will focus on intercompany transactions involving tangible goods, and will explain practical tools and approaches for managing the legal implementation of TP policies and the automation of year-end adjustments.
Learn in this webinar how to effortlessly stream and auto-process SAP-sourced raw data based on easy-to-maintain data processing configurations, review and analyse the results being in line with your TP policy and contracts making problems of data availability and consistency a thing of the past.

EXA OTP with its “ready-to-use” TP-specific Reports plus Forecasting, Price-Setting and Year-End Adjustment features including SAP-write-back will enable you to execute intercompany contracts with a precision that will outperform e.g. custom-built solutions in aspects of delivery time, functionality, flexibility, operational maintenance as well from a cost/benefit perspective.



Benefits of joining this Webinar:

👉 Understand the impact of recent guidance and case law developments as regards the legal implementation of Transfer Pricing policies, and the risks of missing or defective agreements.

Discover how to implement and execute your TP policies both legally with Intercompany Agreements and operationally from P&L segmentation to Forecasting and Price-Setting including Year-End Adjustments.

Get to know the SAP-native EXA OTP solution – an SAP ERP and S/4HANA Add-on solution with extensive “out-of-box” features and functionalities.

Hear how to automatically retrieve raw data from SAP ERP source systems instantly available for TP reporting purposes and how to ensure arm’s length results at the year in line with your contracts.

See how to end-to-end automation of operational TP processes including Price Setting and Year-End-Adjustment computation works incl. full audit traceability and SAP Workflow integration.

Ask questions and get real-time answers from EXA and LCN experts.

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We hope to see you there!


Frank Schoeneborn, Paul Sutton and Ivan Hanna

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