EXA launches Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP) solution as a public cloud edition

• The standard software solution for transfer pricing managers of multinational companies is now available in the public cloud
• The innovative software-as-a-service solution is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
• Monitoring and reporting functions enable consistent group-wide provision of financial data to fulfil tax reporting obligations

Heidelberg, Germany, February 15, 2024 – EXA is a leading provider of software and services for the digital transformation of multinational companies. With solutions for analysing and optimising cross-border global value chains in complex SAP and non-SAP landscapes, the company has positioned itself as a global expert. In addition to the “Global Value Chain” and “Operational Transfer Pricing” solutions, the “Product Environmental Footprint” (PEF) software supports companies in establishing an end-to-end sustainable value chain. With the new public cloud edition of the operational transfer pricing solution, EXA now also enables operational transfer pricing management as a standardised SAP BTP cloud solution.

Transparency, compliance and efficiency are the focal point for globally operating corporations. With the new public cloud edition of OTP, they can now access their transfer pricing data securely via any modern web browser from any location and at any time. The SaaS solution is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, which ensures consistent performance and reliability. Customers benefit from flexible configuration options to create segmented profit and loss accounts according to specific tax requirements for all group companies. Processed ERP documents with revenue or production costs are automatically supplemented with customer and supplier information. Allocation mechanisms can be used, for example, to allocate the companies’ sales and administration costs to tax transaction groups or intercompany transaction partners.

Jörg Kaschytza, COO at EXA: “The introduction of the public cloud edition offers companies many advantages. A quick set-up, simple onboarding, no maintenance by IT. For tax departments, the still widespread processing of manually collected financial data with spreadsheet programmes is no longer necessary. In the long term, we want to enable our customers to maximise the value of their investment. We achieve this, for example, through consistent and transparent transfer pricing data, which significantly reduces queries in tax audits and therefore risks such as double taxation, interest on arrears and penalties.”

About EXA

EXA is a leading provider of software solutions and services for the CFO organisation to sustainably manage cross-border global value chains in complex SAP and non-SAP architectures. Customers can create 360-degree product views – a global bill of materials for each product with the ability to drill down to each individual production step. They can derive emissions and costs from an end-to-end transparent and traceable value chain to achieve sustainability goals, secure future competitiveness and more attractive long-term financing terms. Transfer prices can be calculated, monitored, simulated and written back for each individual product and relationship in order to achieve the required local tax compliance.

The three flagship software solutions EXA Operational Transfer Pricing (EXA OTP), EXA Global Value Chain and EXA Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) help customers to increase group-wide transparency and efficiency and ensure compliance.

Together with its parent company SNP Group, EXA is driving digital transformation worldwide to fulfil the needs of international companies for greater compliance, efficiency, sustainability and transparency. EXA is headquartered in Germany and is represented throughout Europe, India and the USA.

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