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Global Value Chain

How profitable are your products across the entire value chain? How high are your overall material, manufacturing, and logistics costs? Would you like to see these costs split at every level of the value chain?

These are just some of the questions that central controlling, sales, or product and supply chain management units of international companies are finding increasingly difficult to answer.

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Operational Transfer Pricing

A new level of transfer pricing automation based on the latest SAP technologies.

Discover how finance, tax, and IT functions can benefit from automating planning, financial reporting, monitoring, and adjusting of transfer prices, to final documentation using Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP).

Product Environmental Footprint

The extensive environmental impact of global value chains has made sustainable transformation a crucial area of focus required to meet social expectations, external stakeholder needs, and realize business potential. However, companies often lack transparency, control, and a holistic approach when introducing sustainability practices along the value chain. Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) addresses this point precisely: PEF supports companies, especially multinational enterprises (MNEs) in their individual journeys of step-by-step transformation towards an end-to-end (E2E) sustainable value chain.

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Discover EXA

From small beginnings providing consulting services, EXA has evolved and adapted to market changes to become a known brand for highly complex, value-adding products and niche solutions. With our core values ​​of customer success, quality, respect, integration and sustainability, we follow the path of a modern company.


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